Can you brand your clients’ holiday gift?

Fruitcake Have the holiday gifts begun to accumulate at your place of employ?  Have you decided on/delivered your season’s greetings?

Over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix, I raise the issue of branding your holiday gifts.  I’m not talking about giving someone a pen or t-shirt with your logo on it.  (You’re not doing that, are you?)  I’m talking about selecting a gift that will stand out from the others because it could have only come from you.

Come on over and share stories — either from the giving or the receiving end!

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2 comments on “Can you brand your clients’ holiday gift?

  1. Nikole Gipps says:

    I probably should have something more professional and polished … but a bunch of my clients got the same cards with a picture of my daughter that I sent to family. I think that’s exactly what it says to them, too … you’re a part of our family here and we’re glad to have you. I’m a homepreneur, and my clients know that so I’m not hiding anything. I may be biased, but a picture of my kid is better than a company pen any day. 🙂

  2. Mark True says:

    Years ago, at an agency long gone, we sent cans of peas wrapped in a custom label – “peas on earth” – to our clients, with a note that we donated to their local food bank in their name. It was very well received. One larger client, which had a lot of very large men as our client contacts, received a one-gallon institutional sized can of peas. It was so popular, they displayed it in their lobby for a long time.


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