Want some help navigating through cyber law?

Brettbook Do you know:

  • How long you need to keep electronically stored information (ESI)?
  • If you’re liable for being able to retrieve ESI from an obsolete system? (Have any floppies laying around?)
  • What ESI you should destroy?
  • When you can and can’t use an electronic signature?
  • Ten legal oversights that may shut down your website?

Take heart…most of us won’t know the answers to these questions.  That’s why there are lawyers, right?  Now we can go one step better — that’s why there’s an attorney who specializes in internet law, blogs about it….and has written a book.

Brett Trout (a member of the Iowa Blogonostra of course) has released his book, Cyber Law, A Legal Arsenal for Online Business. 

It’s not a sit down and read in one mad dash sort of book.  It’s more of a desk reference. 

Not only can you use the index in the back of the book to find exactly what you’re looking for, but Brett has also included a very rich appendix with sample forms, legal language for everything from privacy policies to your use of cookies and samples of non-competes, confidentiality agreements etc.

Whether you decided to sit down and read it from cover to cover, or use it as your legal reference guide, Brett goes out of his way to use language we non-legal beagles can understand.  As you might guess from the cover…Brett is not your typical attorney!

One final question.  If you couldn’t answer the questions at the top of this post — can you afford not to check out this book?