Grab the mic: Facebook as a Tool for B2B Marketing (Shama Hyder)



Ever wondered how to use Facebook to market your business? Maybe the thought never even crossed your mind because you didn’t think it was possible. Not only is it possible, but people are marketing and selling through Facebook on a daily basis.

So how can you use Facebook as a tool for B2B Marketing? Here are 5 steps!

Create a fantastic Profile– Facebook profile pages are soon going to top Google search results, so make sure you have yours up. Be sure to list your website address and your occupation. I get plenty of Facebook messages every week from people who visit my profile and are curious to learn more about our company. Think of your Facebook profile as an elaborate business card. Once you login, you can check out my profile as an example here.

Add friends…and people you want to befriend– You may be surprised to find more people than you expected are using Facebook. You can add friends through a widget that will look through your address books and messengers to find current friends. After which it will allow you to see "friends of friends." This is a great way to broaden your network. For example, you see that a major decision maker for a firm you have been trying to get in touch with is in your colleague’s friend list. You can easily drop them a small message mentioning the mutual connection and perhaps an invitation to connect further.

Join Groups– Facebook has a group on almost every subject imaginable to man. Some are funny (French Toast Lovers Unite), some are working for global change (Help Feed the Hungry), and some are professional networking groups (Professional Services Marketing). Facebook Groups are the perfect way to go about networking in a casual manner with like-minded individuals. I have heard from quite a few top bloggers that it is easier for them to connect with others on Facebook than it is through email because their inboxes are usually overflowing.

Create your Own Group– Couldn’t find a group you liked? Create your own! Whether it’s Accountants of UK or Direct Marketers for Auto Companies-you can start your own group. There are two benefits to this 1) You are perceived as a leader in your field for taking initiative, and 2) You get to cultivate friendships and prospects.

Let it Simmer– Perhaps the best thing about Facebook is it doesn’t require too much time. Once you setup a profile and add a few key friends, let your account simmer. Sit back and watch as more people add you, send you messages, and invite you to join groups.

Think of Facebook as a platform for networking and lead generation, rather than a tool for direct marketing and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Shama Hyder is an expert marketing consultant to independent professionals and professional service firms around the world. As the founder of After The Launch, Shama serves clients through her one-on-one consulting work, and through her company’s several online and offline marketing services.  You download her free report "101 Ways to Market Your Business."

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