If content is king — meet the royal court!

Picture_2 Whether we are talking "old" marketing or "new" one thing hasn’t changed.  If you aren’t relevant, you won’t survive the scrutiny of an audience that is time starved and attention span short.

To make this point, Junta42 has released their Top 42 Marketing Content blogs.  They define content marketing as:

"Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action."

As you can imagine, I’m honored that my blog was included, as well as Daily Fix where I also get to show my pretty face.

Truth be told…there are lots of lists out there.  And it’s always nice to be included.  But, I figure the value in them is that they introduce us to thinkers and writers we might not have met before.  So, with that caveat — if you want to learn more about content marketing, take a lesson from these masters.

  1. Straight Talk with Nigel Hollis
  2. web ink now
  3. Conversation Agent
  4. Marketing Interactions
  5. Buzz Marketing for Technology
  6. ContentMarketingToday
  7. Copyblogger
  8. Web Strategy by Jeremiah
  9. Daily Fix
  10. Influential Marketing Blog
  11. Logic + Emotion
  12. CK’s blog
  13. Rexblog
  14. BeTuitive
  15. Consumer Generated Media
  16. Diva Marketing Blog
  17. The Origin of Brands
  18. The Viral Garden
  19. What’s Next
  20. Bernaise Source
  21. Drew’s Marketing Minute
  22. Made to Stick
  23. Writing White Papers
  24. Greg Verdino’s Marketing Blog
  25. Writing on the Web
  26. Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020
  27. AttentionMax
  28. Brand Autopsy
  29. Branding & Marketing
  30. Eat Media Blog
  31. Passion2Publish
  32. Think Tank – King Fish Media
  33. The Lonely Marketer
  34. Custom Publishing Council Blog
  35. ExperienceCurve
  36. Marketing Whims
  37. Seth’s Blog
  38. THINKing
  39. Inspire Action
  40. Pandemic Blog
  41. Relevant and Valued
  42. The A-Ha! Blog

Many of these are on my must read list, but I discovered some new blogs as well. Even if you just add a couple to your feed reader, you’re going to be glad you did!