Ten things you didn’t know about Toby & Liz

So here’s how this went.  Toby (Marketing Diva) and Liz (Successful Blog) got tagged by Shel Isreal.  They decided rather than share 10 secrets about themselves, they’d create 10 things about Shel that Shel didn’t know.

Then, Toby tagged 10 people, including yours truly.  So I decided to continue along the vein that the ladies started.  So, without further ado, here are 10 things you didn’t know (and neither did they) about Toby and Liz.


On Tuesday nights, Toby (in a fabulous black wig and hot red dress) sneaks down to Atlanta’s infamous Kitty Kat Lounge, where she performs as the torch singer, Lulu Larue.  She actually is on the piano when she sings.  Totally true.

In 1998, Toby was awarded the blue ribbon for her peach cobbler at the Georgia State Fair.  Totally true.

Being the genteel Southern lady that she is…Toby actually outfits herself in a hip hat and some shades to get into her Diva persona.  Totally true.

Toby is a trained dog whisperer.  In French.  Totally true.

When asked what her favorite swear word is, Toby demurely replied, "pooey is what slips out when I’m REALLY mad."  Totally true.


Picture_12 Being the connected and sought after Chicago socialite that she is, Liz has Oprah’s super duper secret cell phone number.  When Oprah calls Liz…her special ring tone is the theme song from the Color Purple.  Totally true.

Liz has not slept a wink since 1987.  This explains her "can’t be humanly possible" output of work and the fact that if you comment on her blog, she will always comment back within 16 seconds.  Totally true.

If you haven’t spoken to Liz on the phone, she has a very husky, Kathleen Turneresque voice.  But you can hear her…she’s the official voice of Maxim magazine.  When you call to order a subscription, it’s Liz who says, "what free gift would you like with that, Tiger?"  Totally true.

Liz can actually trace her family tree back to Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press.  Totally true.

For fun, Liz filled balloons with whipped cream and drops them from her condo’s balcony on unsuspecting passersby.  Totally true.

As you might guess…I am not brave enough to tag anyone.  Let the tomfoolery end here.

Update:  So much for that plan.  Within a nanosecond, Steve added to the tomfoolery.  Read about my secret life.

8 comments on “Ten things you didn’t know about Toby & Liz

  1. HA! I love love love these women and your take on them. You’ve captured their essences – or a great yarn – or the Emperor’s clothes . . or something.

    But seriously Drew, you think you can get away without tagging someone? I’ve got a bunch of twitterers who might just nominate from the floor!

  2. Susan,

    Shhhhh…this post can be our little secret! 🙂


  3. Liz Strauss says:

    Oh Drew,
    How did you find out all of this stuff about me? . . . Was that you behind the taxi light in the long grey trenchcoat? I thought it was just some flasher. There I go being clueless again!

    Too fun! Drew!! Thanks for the attention. Uh-oh! It looks like someone got you!!


  4. Liz,

    Yes, it was me in the trench coat. Thankfully, that’s a truth that Steve didn’t reveal in his post. 🙂


  5. Toby says:

    Liz ah .. the trenchcoat clue! Drew dahling, (she said with a Southern drawl) so it was y’all in that gray trenchcoat who I saw on Peachtree Street with the sign “I will sing for links” or was it “I will blog for food”? Either way, honey child I would have baked you a prize winning peach cobbler if I weren’t so busy twittering.

    Such fun! Thanks Drew. By the way, this southern belle is really a Yankee from New England .. as is Shel Israel. Wicked cool 😉

  6. Shama Hyder says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Liz last year. You totally have her pinned. ; )

  7. Toby,

    You may have hailed from the New England states, but you have an charm of a Southern belle.

    And I can see that I will need to pack my trench coat for Blogger Social — so you can recognize me!!


  8. Shama,

    I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Liz last year too. She’s just what you’d expect her to be like, isn’t she? Love that authenticity.


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