The sounds of collaboration

Podcast Anna Farmery does some of the best podcasting out there.  She really lives her blog’s title — The Engaging Brand.  Somehow she can make just about anyone sound smart and interesting. 

So with that promise, download (or just listen) her podcast with Gavin Heaton and myself as we discuss collaboration, the Age of Conversation and much more.

Which one am I?  Well, there’s the warm British accent and then there is the dashing Aussie accent.  I’m the other one!

Well worth the listen.  Enjoy and please let Anna know that you did.

2 comments on “The sounds of collaboration

  1. Anna Farmery says:

    Lol, I think what you mean is that you sound the intelligent one! Thank you for the kind comments, much appreciated. The reason why I wanted to speak to both of you, is that The Age of Conversation was such a fantastic collaboration project. I really am amazed at how much you did, how you brought together such a fantastic collection of articles – I am just going back to read some of them again. Podcasting interviews are wonderful when you have such great guests….

  2. Anna,

    having now done two podcasts with you — I understand exactly where the credit goes. You make it easy.

    It was fun to do the three-way conversation and is a wonderful precursor to both the 2008 collaborative book AND blogger social ’08!


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