Are you having a little trouble selling the cow?

Milk Could it be that you’re giving away too much milk?  We’ve all heard the expression, "no one will buy the cow if you keep giving away the milk."   At MMG, we are huge proponents of giving away what you sell for free.  We call is sampling.  When you don’t sell a tangible product, there’s nothing for the potential customer to evaluate.  They can’t look at your expertise.  They can’t smell your knowledge. 

So you have to demonstrate it.  The best, easiest and most effective way to do that is to give it away.

To a point.  One of the traps that many service providers fall into is that they struggle with drawing the line and knowing when enough freebies have been given and it’s time to move the relationship to client status.

We’re having a very lively discussion over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix about how to balance wanting to share your expertise and yet still be a smart business person.

I guarantee you’ll find a take away or two in the comments section.  Lots of people sharing their experiences and methods.  It’s good stuff.  Come over and join in.