41rplgartil_aa240_ We’ve all heard it….you learn more from failures than success.  Failure builds character.  Blah, blah.

So I was interested to see what Barry Moltz had to say on the subject in his new book, Bounce!  Barry surprised me by getting right to the heart, saying "sometimes failure just stinks."  Amen, brother.

His point is that both success and failures are a natural part of a business cycle. The trick is having processes in place to weather the failure…so you can bounce!  In the book, Moltz describes the ten business building bands for true business confidence.

Here are a few of my favorites from among the 10:

  • Humility — using humility to right size our egos.
  • In failure, give up the shame — we actually make our failures worse by being shamed by them and letting that shame dictate how we react and recover.
  • Create a measurement system of your own — it’s not about the money.  What should it be about for you?
  • Value action — get off your duff and do something.

There’s no business book hype in Bounce!  He dishes out the straight scoop with some great stories, easy to understand principles and thought-provoking questions.

This book is honest, sometimes brutally so, debunks the "just pick yourself up and learn from your mistakes" cheerleading and offers some real tools for surviving and bouncing back from the inevitable bumps in the road.  A very pragmatic, practical read.

I’ve got a free copy of Bounce! for one lucky reader.  If you’re interested…shoot me an e-mail with Bounce! in the subject line and I’ll do a blind drawing. (Which actually wouldn’t be much worse than if I drew with my eyes open!).

Whether you win the free one or have to click on the link above to buy a copy — this is a refreshingly honest and insightful book.  Well worth the read.

Update: People are asking for a deadline, so I will take entries for the drawing through Sunday, March 2nd and award the book on Monday, March 3rd.