Keep Arun in your thoughts and prayers

Prayersforarunsfamily We talk a lot about conversation, community and sharing in the blogosphere.  We see evidence of it every day.  Gavin’s friends, CK’s Momma Tree, The Frozen Pea Fund.  $11,000+ to Variety (Age of Conversation).  And so many more.

One of the bloggers who has come to embody those virtues for me is Arun Rajagopal.  He’s one of the first to raise his hand to help with any project or to support any blogger.  He loves shining the spotlight on others’ efforts while downplaying his own contributions.

He’s a a smart marketer.  A generous community member. And a friend.

So, I was so sad to hear that he lost his mom this week. 

As you’d expect the community quickly rose up to create a support network.  We can’t be at his side as much as we’d like to, but we can show that we care. 

We’ve created a place where everyone can leave him a thought, prayer or just let him know that you’re thinking of him and sending your warmth.  Please join us and remind him just how mighty and giving this community is.