The real SuperBowl competition

We already know thought we knew who was going to win the football game, so we might as well turn our attention to the real competition — which TV spot will win the hearts and buzz of the viewers?

Firebrand has declared Monday, February 4th as "Firebrand Monday" where they will celebrate the mother load of creative TV spots shown on the SuperBowl.

On Monday morning, will have only the best of the previous day’s commercials ready for download, allowing viewers to share and rate them all, and to decide for themselves which spot wins the coveted “Firebrand Water Cooler” trophy.

On their Monday evening TV show (find out where it’s showing in your area) , the hour will be dedicated to major ads from the Super Bowl, featuring Celebrity CJs such as Reebok’s "Office Linebacker" Terry Tate and Carmen Electra, who makes her Super Bowl debut in an ad for Hershey’s "Ice Breakers."

If you love ads — you’ll enjoy Firebrand’s show. Not just on the Monday after the SuperBowl, but every week.

You can view all the ads online as well.

8 comments on “The real SuperBowl competition

  1. Dan Schawbel says:

    Drew, the issue here is that I think bloggers can’t wait till Monday. I’m sure a lot of people are already streaming the commercials from their blogs.

  2. Dan,

    I suspect we’ll be talking about the Super Bowl ads for days…starting as they run. Twitter has been aglow with live assessments.

    I think Firebrand will just add another voice to the on-going conversation.

    Remember the good old days, when we had to wait until we got to work the next day to re-hash the spots.


  3. John Rosen says:

    Nice catch on the “already know” issue.

  4. John,

    LOL! Who knew it was going to be such a good game — or that the Giants would pull it out?

    Surprise is a powerful element in terms of holding an audience’s interest. A good marketing lesson in there!


  5. The Kaiser says:

    Drew, you may wish to check this out:

    I may not understand, like or be interested in your American “Football” (why DO they wear helmets?) but I do know a little about audiences. If I was in media, I think I’d be worried.

  6. DeafMom says:

    Hi all,

    Would you believe that I wasn’t able to enjoy the majority of the Super Bowl commercials– because they weren’t closed captioned! What will it take to get these companies to spend a few more dollars so I can laugh along?

    Fortunately, I was able to find them captioned online, thanks to Project Read On:

  7. Karen,

    I’m a little surprised that the advertisers wouldn’t have factored closed captioning in. The Super Bowl has to be one of the great equalizers of sports. Everyone watches, if they like the game or not.

    I’m glad you found another source. But it might be worth a letter or two…


  8. Lewis,

    That hasn’t been my experience. I seem to hear that more people actually watch during the commercials and chit chat during the games.

    My mom’s condo had a big Super Bowl party and that was the rule. You could talk during the game but everyone had to be quiet during the commercials.

    I had another friend (not in the business) who DVR’d the game so he could go back and watch the spots.

    So, another great reminder that no audience is composed of one type or one motivation.


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