3 ways to make sure your advertising fails

Failure No one likes to think about and surely no one likes to actually accomplish it — failure.

And yet day in and day out some business owners and marketing directors make some common mistakes that almost guarantee it.

Let’s look at three easy to avoid errors when it comes to traditional advertising.

Trying to reach more people than your budget will allow:  For a media mix to be effective, each element in the mix must be substantial enough to establish retention.  Too often, people sacrifice repetition for the sake of reach.

Assuming the business owner knows best:  If anyone has a bias or a blind spot about a business – it’s the person who owns it.  You’re on the inside looking out.  You can’t possibly see yourselves as the consumers do.  Find perspective.  Talk to customers.  Do some research.  Ask an outside consultant.

Late week schedules:  Everyone buys ads that run on Thursdays and Fridays.  Which means you have to share the space/time.  Imagine having 1/3 the competition for your audience’s attention.  Sound good?  Then, consider buying early in the week.