Blogger Social — here we come!

Collage_march_2_2 Who’s attending the BIG event?

We have "Socialites" (marketing bloggers) traveling from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, East Coast, MidWest, West Coast, Down South and Up North…and many more places all over this amazingly connected and shrinking world.

 People from 8 countries and 20 different states within the US are going to descend onto NYC like a swarm of shouting, hugging and laughing communicators who are going to pack more fun and memories into 48 hours than anyone can imagine!

(just click on the graphic above to view it at full size)

We are proud to be hosting the following brainy, and beautiful!, Socialites featured in the below video…links to all the blogs of our Socialites available here.  

(Special thanks to Mark Goren for creating the collage and video.) Want to see what we’re going to do all weekend?  Check out our Event Guide.  That’s located right here.

Want to get a feel for the energy and excitement (not to mention the beautiful faces) of the weekend?  Take a couple minutes and watch this video.

Want to join us?  Mark your calendar for next year because believe it or not…Blogger Social ’08 is sold out, standing room only!  Many thanks to the brave souls who stuck their neck and and said "if CK and Drew are throwing a party….I want to be there." 

We cannot wait to see you!