Help us take Age of Conversation to the top of Amazon’s charts

…and raise money for the children of Variety.

Aoc_banner_2 Here’s what we need you to do:

Today, Friday the 28th:

1. Go to Fresh Peel and Digg the post about the Bum Rush we’re doing tomorrow.  We are trying to get pushed up the list as high as we can.  It will take you less than 5 minutes.

2. Write a post about the Bum Rush, the children of Variety and the great book.  Include this specific link to the Amazon listing please.  (

Tomorrow, Saturday the 29th:

3. Go to Amazon via this link (we make extra money if you use this link) and buy a copy of Age of Conversation.  If you are going to buy more than one copy (which you really should…great gift for clients or employees!) please buy them one at a time, or your purchase does not count!

4. Join Gavin, Chris and I as we give a Bum Rush play-by-play on Twitter. (Follow us: @Freshpeel, @DrewMcLellan, @servantofchaos) We also ask that everyone saying anything about the Bum Rush to use the code #AOC so that it can be picked up by

We need your help to make this work.  Basically, buy everyone buying a copy on March 29th, we will push Age of Conversation up Amazon’s charts, which will get other people’s attention and hopefully encourage them to buy.  Wouldn’t it be cool if Age was the #1 selling book on Amazon that day?

Please help us make this day a huge success for Age and for the kids of Variety.

Update:  After an entire day of effort on many, many people’s parts — we took Age of Conversation to #36 on Amazon’s Best Selling Business books and #262 on their overall Best Sellers list.  That’s amazing!!

Special thanks to Chris Wilson of Fresh Peel.  It was his brainchild and he did the lion’s share of the work.  Thanks to everyone and anyone who tweeted, blogged or talked about the Bum Rush.  Special thanks to everyone who bought a copy of the book.

2 comments on “Help us take Age of Conversation to the top of Amazon’s charts

  1. Drew,

    Just wanted to let you know that, at one point, I checked and Age of Conversation was ranked #33 in the Business & Investing category. So we did even better than we thought! What a great community effort! It really was quite a feat to move AOC from #102,282 to #262 in one day!

    For some reason, though, I was unable to Digg Chris’s post, which was really disappointing. I logged into the Digg website and tried to Digg the post but kept getting a message saying that I wasn’t logged in. Somehow, I ended up in “log-in limbo”! Went back in a few times to try again, but it was always the same. So my Digg was never counted. Strange!

    Can’t wait to see how things go with AOC 2008!


  2. Jeanne,

    Cool #33 is excellent! Thanks so much for trying to Digg Chris’ post. So many of the authors really got behind this and supported Chris’ idea. He did such an amazing job on the Bum Rush but he couldn’t have pulled it off without all of your help!


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