Remind your customers why they chose you


I recently received this e-mail from my credit card front man — United. I originally chose this card over the others because of the perks tied to it.  But over time, I’d forgotten most of them and certainly wasn’t taking advantage of them.

This e-mail reinforced my buying decision.  It reminded me of some benefits that I had not really explored or used on a regular basis.  And, it squelched any thoughts I had about making a switch.

When was the last time you gently reminded your clients about all the value you provide for them?  Do they really know how good they’ve got it?  Are they not using services or products that would make them even more loyal to you?  Should you nudge them a little?

Remember, just because you told them once (or twice) doesn’t mean they remember.  How could you tastefully check in to see if they need a little reminder?