WowOwow! And I really mean it.


Look at this list of women.  Do your best not to say WOW at least once.

Lesley Stahl, Peggy Noonan, Liz Smith, Joni Evans, Mary Wells, Sheila Nevins, Joan Juliet Buck, Whoopi Goldberg, Julia Reed, Joan Ganz Cooney, Judith Martin, Candice Bergen, Lily Tomlin, Jane Wagner, and Marlo Thomas.

I know…can’t be done.  Go ahead.  Give yourself permission.  Wow.

That is a power-packed list.  Women who have incredible influence in many different fields.  Apparently, they’ve been friends for some time and as they say:

"And for years we have been talking to each other about everything under the sun – our families, our work, our worlds. No matter what was happening in our lives, we made the time. We’ve shared what we think, observe and experience each day.

And now we want to share it with you."

The call it a conversation on the internet.  I call it a blog.  But….in very short order, we’re going to call it a force.  Their question of the day for yesterday was….which 4 women would you like to see on Mt. Rushmore.  70+ comments.

Umm, that was on the day of their launch, International Women’s Day.  Imagine how popular they’ll be in a week!

Hats off to these ladies, their fascinating conversations and their wisdom in inviting us to join in.

So here’s what I am wondering.  How will this site and these women influence the blogosphere, the media, advertisers or public perception?