Around the horn: 04/10/08

Picture_3 "Around the horn" is a baseball warm up drill that has the infield players simulating the path a ball would take during a double play.  In my case, I’m using the term to share some of the best posts I’ve seen recently.

"You’re not all that."  A great line from Andrew Clark’s post on 15.5 ways to be more creative over at Brand Chef.  Check out his very helpful list of creativity triggers.  I especially recommend #10 and #15.

Lewis Green offers up some insights on how to increase sales and marketing’s effectiveness in your organization.  As you would expect if you are a regular reader of Lewis’ work — the post is very thought provoking and insightful.

Can seeing the Apple logo actually make you behave more creatively?  Robyn McMaster explores this question, in relation to an article from the Journal of Consumer Research.  Together, they conclude that even the briefest exposure to well-known brand logos can cause people to behave in ways that mirror those brands’ traits.

Want to squeeze even more out of your Google searches?  John Jantsch over at Duct Tape Marketing offers up 10 of his favorite web site and SEO shortcuts.  By adding what Google calls an operator followed by a colon you can get some pretty interesting research done very quickly, according to John.


9 comments on “Around the horn: 04/10/08

  1. Nicholas Decker says:

    Great set of links!

    I had read the article “Logo Can Make You ‘Think Different'” — A few of my most creative works are up in my office – along with my iPod backwards with the little apple staring right at me from under my monitor… It may have not helped with the creativity of this comment — and who knows if it really helped me at all – I think it is more of a superstition now.

  2. Hi Drew – Good to see you made it back from Blogger Social safe and secure. From CK’s posts and photos, it looks like I missed a great time (again).

    Big (BIG) thanks for the hat tip. I was wondering why my blog traffic had doubled this morning… I’m honored and it’s very much appreciated.

    Hope to talk soon.

    Keep Cooking!

  3. Robyn says:

    Drew, a baseball game is always full of excitement – especially when you get a hit like the one you gave me here! Thanks. “Brand Logos Powerfully Influence Your Thinking” helps you realize how much “pull” some logos have.

    Keep your creative juices sizzling, Drew!

  4. Nicholas,

    There’s nothing wrong with a little superstition! I like to keep all kinds of creative triggers in my office too. From music to my iPod, to a retro 6 pack of glass bottled coke!

    I think when you live in a world that asks you to be creative on demand — any little bit helps!


  5. Robyn,

    I love introducing my readers to your work. It’s always insightful and thought provoking.

    To stick with our analogy — you hit a lot of home runs!


  6. Andrew,

    Yes, you did miss a good time. You should plan on joining us next year — you’d love it and meet some fantastic people.

    As for the link — it’s an excellent post that has a take away or two for everyone, no matter what level of marketing they’re in. Thanks for writing it!


  7. Lewis,

    My pleasure. As usual, you served up a very in depth post with plenty for people to chew on.


  8. Hazel says:

    I misread your title and thought — well, never mind what I thought because it was a bit odd but I then had to go and check WHY I was thinking odd thoughts and ended up here.

  9. Hazel,

    I can see why you were confused!


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