Be sure to build some fun into your brand

One of the things I enjoy about Google is that they understand that they don’t always to take themselves so seriously.

The way they play with their iconic logo/home page graphic is so smart and attention-getting.  The fact that they only do it for holidays is also brilliant.  Too often and it becomes common.  Here was their offering for Earth Day.



How could you play with your brand in a noticeable, talk worthy way?

7 comments on “Be sure to build some fun into your brand

  1. Jon Burg says:

    I think the power of the Google Brand, as well as the frequency with which we see the Google logo allows Google to “play” with their logo in ways few other companies can or should be experimenting.

    Sure, there is power in flexibility and attraction in personality – both strong traits of the Google logo – but there is also value in consistency and familiarity for the less “always on” logos in the universe.

  2. Karin H. says:

    Hi Drew

    How about “Wood You Like” as company name for a business selling wooden floors?

    Karin H. (Keep It simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  3. We have a new product launching this week, Email Center Pro (www.emailcenterpro), and while the “business” side of the brand is very straight forward, we’re going to bring in the fun side via the idea we started in our first “What this is” video.

    We have some fantastic ideas (that I can’t share yet!) to have fun with the brand, and the best part of it is, it all started with an impromptu conversation around the water cooler. Which I thought was fantastic! It’s going to be something the whole company can participate in, not just a marketing department push.

  4. Kelly says:


    Yahoo has a nice one for Earth Day, too. It’s based on the (three arrows) recycling symbol. I use Google so rarely I didn’t even realize they do it, too. Now I want to know who started it!



  5. Jon,

    I totally agree. Very few brands are so iconic that it’s wise for them to play with their logo.

    I was speaking from a broader perspective — how can you have fun with your brand? It might be in how you answer the phone or something you include in a proposal or a company/client celebration ritual, etc.

    But…I’m with you on the logo. For the most part — keep your mitts off!


  6. Karin,

    An excellent example! That’s a company that promises a fun buying experience…a bit of playfulness says a ton about the brand.

    I have no doubt that you fulfill the promise that your company name makes.


  7. Chelle,

    When you can tell us more, I hope you come back. It sounds like it would be an excellent example!

    Good luck with your launch.


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