Looking for the spotlight?

Picture_12 When the tip in card promoting a book includes raves from Jack Trout, Tom Peters, Al Ries, Jay Conrad Levinson and others — you have to conclude one of three things:

  • It’s an amazing book
  • The author is a brilliant networker
  • Maybe both

Tsufit (think Cher and Sting, no last name needed) is a former attorney who left her law career to become a "seek the spotlight" coach.  Her book, "Step into the Spotlight…’Cause ALL Business is Show Business!" is her guide to getting noticed. 

As you might expect, a book about promoting yourself includes a fair amount of promotion for the author.  But that aside, it’s a fun read.  Tsufit draws wonderful pictures with her words and brings to life many scenarios where the reader could use a good kick in the rump to get out of the shadows and onto center stage.

This book is a little bit personal branding, a little bit public speaking, a little bit networking and a little bit publicity garnering.  What’s great about this book is that it’s broken down into bite sized stories and tips.  You’ll find yourself nodding and earmarking pages. 

Perhaps the biggest value of the book is that Tsufit’s enthusiasm is contagious.  She gets you excited about promoting yourself and your business.  Mix that enthusiasm with plenty of "how to" tidbits and you should be shielding your eyes from the bright lights in no time.