Seth Godin: The Action Figure?



I’ll be damned.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out or order it here.  (Hey Seth…I want an affiliate’s cut!)

12 comments on “Seth Godin: The Action Figure?

  1. I’m still thinking “no way!” Lol. Did you order one? You did, didn’t you?!

  2. Karin H. says:

    Oh, is this the next ‘marketing’ niche?

    Turn every ‘guru’ (and who decided who is a guru?) into a ‘puppet’?
    I see a contest coming on: who collects the most gurus and show them off on a shelf.

    (I rather collect their books – think those have a longer ‘shelf life’)

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  3. Hey, Drew…

    I ordered mine when it first came out. It works like a charm.

    Just put it in your office and whenever you’re stuck for an idea…

    …just ask your action figure for help 🙂

  4. John Wall says:

    The socks clinched it for me…

  5. Seth Godin says:

    like it says on the box, “He has big ideas so you don’t have to!”


  6. Ricardo,

    No, I haven’t ordered one yet. I’m still waiting for Seth to confirm my discount! 🙂


  7. Karin,

    Well, Seth’s books certainly do have a long shelf life! I’m guessing it was something he did to kick off his latest book.

    But it just goes to show that just about anyone can be an action figure! I laughed out loud when I saw it.


  8. Tom,

    Does it actually talk or are you channeling Seth?


  9. John,

    Yes — that cracked me up too. If anyone knows the “why Seth wears two different socks” story, I’d love to hear it.


  10. Seth,

    Well, if that’s the case — discount be damned! I’m going to buy 2 or 3 and just stay home. Your action figures have become my exit strategy!


  11. This is ROFL brilliant!

    On a more serious note, why should the made-up comic book characters get all the action figures? I would like to see more cool, real, relevant action figures of real people that could be real heroes to kids … or marketers! 🙂

  12. KG,

    I think it’s probably all about the tights. 🙂


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