What comes after success?

Michael_2 Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid, contacted me a few months ago and offered me an advanced copy of his new book, Beyond Booked Solid to read and review.  (Okay, technically it was his engaging and helpful boss Katherine who initially contacted me but eventually Michael jumped into the conversation as well!)

Normally, if I get an advanced copy — I try to review the book in advance.  I figure that’s why the author asked.  But after reading BBS for the first time, I decided to hold off until this week.

You see, BBS is not a "read it and set it aside" kind of book.  It is a read it, then read it again with a notebook at your side and get to work sort of book.  And I didn’t want to frustrate you by writing about the book before you could get it for yourself.

Well, our mutual wait is over, because as of earlier this week, the book is available. 

In some ways, BBS is really more of an action book than a reading book.  There’s plenty of good information, stories and case studies but the meat of the book is that Michael, chapter by chapter, helps you develop a vision for your business and then putting some meat on that bone in terms of how you are going to create the vision.

On the Beyond Booked Solid site, you can download a free workbook that lets you think along side Michael as he explores the many business models that would allow you to expand your business (from franchising to the better mousetrap) without killing yourself.  In light of the recent New York Times article about bloggers working themselves literally to death, the book’s timing is perfect.

Seth Godin reminded us that small is the new big.  Michael’s point runs parallel with that.  You don’t have to grow a bigger business to be more successful.  It’s certainly an option but it’s not the only option.  His message — doing it the way everyone else has done it isn’t necessarily the way you should do it.

From the author himself:

"Set aside any preconceived notions of what it means to build a bigger, better business—the way you’ve seen it done, or think it should be done, may not actually be the best path for you. Inside is an opportunity to create a new and inspired way of working.  You will find creative and profit-producing advice for eliminating the feeling of being overwhelmed, frustrated and isolated."

Want to make some changes?  Frustrated that you can’t get to the next level?  Tired of working 7 days a week?  Buy the book, download the workbook and begin to explore what’s possible.

You have nothing to lose.  Except for that weight on your shoulders.

7 comments on “What comes after success?

  1. Sounds like a really good read! I’ll have to pick up a copy!

  2. Lew,

    The actual book doesn’t look like what we got. Ours was an advanced copy. The real book looks like the photo above.

    But agreed…packaging matters. In all products but I think books are impacted in a huge way by their cover etc.

    I think you’ll enjoy the read.


  3. Terra,

    I suspect it isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re looking for a way to leverage your business without working 24 hours a day, this is a great resource.


  4. Sounds like yet another good title to add to the list! And I like the thinking on this one as referenced in the quote from the book.

    Just hoping I might find a copy at B&N tomorrow.

  5. Gavin Heaton says:

    I think I might ask Michael to write a follow-up book — Blog Yourself Solid. I just want to understand how that might work 😉

  6. Ricardo,

    Isn’t that the challenge — trying to find time to read all these great books?

    Michael’s take on growing your business is inspiring and well worth the time!


  7. Gavin,

    LOL! It might well be his next best seller!


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