When an internal corporate video goes terribly wrong

This just goes to prove that a big budget does not guarantee you can make a purse from a sow’s ear.  Check out this internal (no doubt sales team motivating) video from Microsoft. Brace yourself — it really is that bad.


Of course, that might not be the whole story.  One version of the story is that Microsoft made this (according to an unidentified employee) as a joke.

Here’s the real lesson — in today’s world, you can’t really afford to be this lame, even if it is a joke.

I’ll bet that 9/10ths of the almost a million people who have viewed this on YouTube took it as a true Microsoft team video.  The other 1/10th who believe it’s a joke are still shaking their head.

Whether you are a powerhouse brand like Microsoft or the local bait shack — everything you do is shareable and accessible.  What do you really want your customers and peers seeing?

What do you think?  Does all this sharing and accessibility put an unfair choke hold on companies that want to just let loose a little?