Words just don’t cut it

2397118281_54aecdecc0 I believe words are incredibly powerful.  They can push past someone’s fear.  They can inspire someone to act.  They can humble the proudest of men. They can bring someone to their knees. They can also touch a heart and change it forever.

But for the past two days I have been trying to get them to do the impossible. 

Describe Blogger Social weekend.

I simply cannot do it justice.  Maybe that’s because the weekend wasn’t about words.  It wasn’t cerebral or of the mind. 

It was all about the soul.

Magnockme It was hearing a laugh you’d imagined many times. It was about sipping sour only to discover that in the UK it’s called bitters.

It was scooting close to pose for yet another photo. It was cramming into cabs in search of an open diner at 3 am, simply because you weren’t ready to say good-bye.

Welcome It was watching two old friends hug for the first time.  It was the sizzle of bacon as you share breakfast with buddies who are like brothers to you, even though they live half way across the world.

It was about goofy corsages, a shared cookie, and being friends 4ever.

It was about laughter.  And tears. 

It was about soaking each other in, knowing it would be a while before we’d be together again.

Gavdrew It was the discovery that everyone was just as you expected them to be.  And reveling in how wonderful that is.

It was about everything that truly matters.  And I simply don’t have the words to describe it.