Are our words fading away?

Erase There a roughly a zillion blogs and about a bazillion blog posts (these are approximations).  Those posts use a gazillion and a half words.  Every day.

Think of the words that seem to crop up everywhere.  Transparency, conversation, consumer generated, authentic, engaged, empower.  We could go on and on.

But here’s my question.  Are we using this words so often and in so many places that we’re wearing them out?  Are we reducing their impact and meaning?  Are we squeezing the potency from them?

Can words tire?  Can we tire of words?

Those are the questions I pose over at Marketing Profs Daily Fix.  Come share your thoughts.

16 comments on “Are our words fading away?

  1. Kelly says:


    Bazillion is correct. Many researchers have proved that one bazillion blog posts are out there, with .132 bazillion added daily.

    Okay, heading to Marketing Profs now. Just wanted to let you know that I’ve seen the same stats. 🙂



  2. Kelly,

    Yes….I had forgotten to add the .132 baz/daily growth factoid. Thanks for the reminder.

    Was that in Scientific American or one of the Harvard publications? I can’t keep track!


  3. Doug,

    Following your example, I will simply say:



  4. Karin H. says:

    Hi Drew

    Since I’m in a contemplating mood today: we only tire of those words the minute we start using them too loosely – without passion and their true meaning.

    OK, I’ll go back to work now 😉 and add some transparency into my website, newsletter and next ad.

    Karin H. (Keep It simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  5. Shama Hyder says:

    Hi Drew,

    Good point! I think the literate and computer savvy are being saturated with words.

    If we look closely, only 5% of us (if that) are writing, reading, conversing…

    Perhaps the question is not if words are fading away but if we can find more readers?


  6. Yup. Use buzzwords sparingly and add to your browser search engine list.
    Be cognizant of words that may now be diluted – a result of either their inherent subjectivity or ‘loaded-ness’, or their overuse/misuse.

  7. zowoco says:

    Well, I think we need to make a distinction between the concept of words and the concept of words as phrases and paragraphs which act as vehicle for disseminating ideas and information.

    Certainly gadzillion is a large number. But so many are intended only as diaries or family journals. Only 1% really aim to project themselves to the public at large! And only a tiny percentage of these, less than 1%, will ever make a top ranking on the search engine keywords pages.

    So in that case, I hardly feel there is anything to trouble the serious blogger in all this. Anyway, best of luck! zowoco marketing xx 🙂

  8. Kelly says:



    I’m .132% sure. 🙂

  9. Karin,

    You may be right — it may be when we get lazy with our words. Be sure you add some empowerment with your transparency!


  10. Shama,

    Interesting point — change the other side of the equation. So, are you thinking the words would be new to them so they wouldn’t feel so worn?


  11. Mario,

    “Loadedness.” I like it. You’re right, we tend to heap meaning onto words beyond their original scope. We sort of stretch them out.

    No wonder they’re getting worn!


  12. zowoco,

    So, you’re saying that they only feel worn to us — the business bloggers?


  13. Kelly,

    I was pretty sure that was it. Thanks for the confirmation. ;-}


  14. The Kaiser says:

    Oh god, yes yes yes. It’s all part of “the advisor conspiracy” Drew.

    And if I see another post about twitter I will go nuts.

  15. Marcus,

    I hate to tell you this my friend, but I suspect since you wrote that comment, there have been many a Twitterized post written and lauded.

    it is the current darling, isn’t it?


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