How low tech but high touch can you get?

Thankyous Phew — I just finished writing my thank you notes to a few people who went way out of their way at Blogger Social.  Now I just need to address them and off they go.

I come from a long line of thank you note writers.

The rule was straightforward and simple when I was growing up.  Within 3 days of Christmas, we had to sit down and write our than you notes.  Because my birthday is 4 days before Christmas, I got doubly slammed.  We’d come down for breakfast and there would be a list of who we needed to thank, some note cards, and a pen. 

There was no wiggle room and believe me, I knew there was no debate.  A generation later, my daughter suffers this same fate.

When was the last time you got a handwritten note from someone?  How did it make you feel?   Last week, I got a note from Valeria Maltoni.  In my response to her, I said…"It’s such a rare art today — the handwritten note.  I think it honors both the receiver and the sender and as always, I appreciate your thoughtfulness."

There’s a grace in handwriting a note.  It transmits how much you value the other person.

When was the last time you sent a client a handwritten note?   What do you think would happen to your relationships with your clients if you carved out enough time to write one thank you note a week, until you had written to all your clients?

Is it worth ten minutes a week to find out?

(If you need to get a note out in a hurry — try Send Out Cards.  It’s a very viable alternative.)

6 comments on “How low tech but high touch can you get?

  1. Kelly says:


    Your parents and mine must be related. I got the same thing when I was a kid, then a little break until my January birthday and those thank-yous. Of course, I now pass the torture on to the new generation. She loves it… sort of.

    I wrote a post about thank-you notes a few weeks ago ( ), and I’ve had nothing but positive reactions, from those who already do and those who now plan to give it a try.

    I’d like to think it’s just about time for a little tech backlash. Some high-touch mixed in goes a long way toward humanizing our “relationship management.”



  2. Hi Drew – funny you and I were on the same wavelength lately; I especially love your use of the word “grace” (very appropriate). Thanks for the link and we really, really miss you at SOBCon!
    (PS: thanks again for a fantastic BS08)


  3. Kelly,

    Mine does not enjoy it. But as soon as I launch into my “no, you don’t have to write them. I’ll just call and ask them not to send you any more gifts” speech — she gets right to it!

    I’m with you. I think because we live in this uber high tech world — the low tech gestures get noticed even more.


  4. Terry,

    I miss you guys too. I’m so glad everyone is having such a wonderful time, but I sure wish I was there to share it with you.


  5. Jeff Gwynne says:


    How about including some one cent stamps in those handwritten notes?

    This is not my original idea. I got it from my friend’s, Paul Chandler’s, blog.


  6. Jeff,

    Paul’s idea is a nice touch. A little something extra that is worthy of someone passing on the story. Pay a penny to create word of mouth. Not a bad ROI.

    It sounds like Paul’s got a marketing mindset!


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