I don’t know much about that…

36823168 Marketing and marketing tactics are changing at the speed of light.  Have you caught yourself saying "I don’t know anything (or much) about XYZ?"

What happens next?  Do you accept that you just aren’t that familiar with it?  Or do you recognize you’d better fix that situation? 

I think how you answer that question says a great deal about you and how well suited you are for a marketing career.  You can’t afford not to know.  I don’t care how many years of experience you’ve got.  I promise you, you’ve got things to learn.

If you don’t have the curiosity or the drive to keep learning how to help your business or your client’s business grow and communicate — then dust off the resume, my friend.   Because you need to get out of marketing.

How can you learn?  Lots of ways.

  • Find someone who does know and ask them to teach you.  They’ll be flattered.
  • Take a class or pay someone to teach you.
  • Find a blog written by an expert in the field.  Do more than read it — participate.
  • Read a few books on the topic.
  • Wade in…and try it.  Most of us learn best from doing.

If you hesitated when asked the question, remember this.  Do you suppose your co-worker who is climbing up the same ladder you are hesitated?  How about your competition?