Portable smarts — at your fingertips

Bilde I’ve always loved trade magazines.  I love their focus, I love how bite-sized the information is and, I love that it’s off-line and tangible.  Portable smarts.  Love that.

So when I was approached about offering my readers free magazines, I was skeptical.  What was the catch?  Turns out there isn’t one. 

You get free magazines on marketing, promotions, branding, creativity etc.  They get more readers for their advertisers.  You get smarter.

Hard to argue with that equation.   So click here and check out the 500+ magazines, white papers, podcasts etc that are all available to you.  (As I understand it, some of these titles are only available in the States, FYI.)

I’ll feature a new title now and then, just to keep you plugged in to what’s available.

A side note:  I get a commission on the complimentary subscriptions which I’ll be donating to charity.

So….you get smarter and Variety, the Children’s Charity gets a little green in their pockets.  Sweet.