Would we recognize your logo by its first letter alone?

How recognizable is your logo?  Have you created it in a way that over time, your clients might be able to ID it simply by seeing the first letter?

Try this test, put together by InthePictureDesign on flickr.  He grabbed some pretty well known logos and we only get to see the first letter.  Can you identify them?



Need help?  Answers are here.

So…how would your logo fare in a contest like this?  I know you don’t have a Coke or Disney budget, but within your sphere of influence — how iconic is your mark/name?

Hat tip to Susan at BrandCurve for sharing this.

12 comments on “Would we recognize your logo by its first letter alone?

  1. Karin H. says:

    9 out of the 24, not too bad.

    We frequently have to disapprove proofs on letterheads, ads and other marketing materials because the ‘designer’ hasn’t used the font-type we specified: Mariandra GD which gives a capital W a crossed appearance just the way we (Wood You Like) like it, to stand out just a little bit more from the crowd. Is that an Icon – not yet 😉

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  2. I’m so proud of myself, that i recognized all of them. Or is it a bad omen 😉

  3. zowoco says:

    This is a fun interactive post which really speaks to my heart: keep it simple, keep it recognizable, keep it memorable. Sums up branding really! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link, Drew!

  5. Karin,

    Knowing you as I do — it will be an icon soon!


  6. Matthias —

    Wow that’s impressive! Are you from the UK? As I understand it, one of the logos (the H I think) is from a company over there and the originator warned that many Americans wouldn’t recognize it.



  7. Kate says:

    22 of 26… but how did I miss Coke? 🙂

    H&M is a European clothing store (Swedish, I think?) that is mostly found in bigger cities (the closest ones to Iowa are Minneapolis and Chicago). Think IKEA for clothes–inexpensive and trendy, minus the handfuls of extra nails.

  8. Kate,

    Wow, impressive! I have no explanation of how you could have missed Coke, especially if you got some of the tougher ones like H&M!

    Apparently, you prefer Pepsi? ;-}


  9. Sarah says:

    Hi B is Barbie, C is coke, D is Disney, E is ebay, F is flis, G is google, H is H&M, K is kellogs, L is lego, O is sony, R is RAC, S is Pepsi, T is texaco, V is Virgin, W is walkman, X is X Box, Y i Yahooa and Z is Zurich

  10. Sarah says:

    On my last coment i meant to say that Y is Yahoo but i spelt it wrong

  11. Fred says:

    Great post, but tough to leave those kinds of impressions with our customers. It takes a lot of brand understanding, precision design, and time together to make that kind of a lasting impression.

    1. Fred,

      And it requires the discipline to leave your logo alone for a very long time, so you can build the kind of brand equity that is required to pull it off.


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