Be brave enough to trust your audience

Some marketers under estimate their audience.  So they decide that they have to beat them over the head with their message.  And in doing so, that actually waters down the message to the point of it not being anywhere near as effective.

This spot starts off so strong.  Watch it to the end and see where it loses its edge for you.


The power of this spot was the close ups of the women.  We could see and feel their emotions.  The connection was real because they were very raw and the shot was very tight.    But then, the editor decided we might not understand that many women have been sexually abused….so they had to do the old "and she told two friends, and so on and so on" screen split.

Which completely disconnected us from the women.  The emotion is lost. And so is the power of the spot.

Don’t be afraid to let your audience connect the dots.

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