FREE e-book on word of mouth marketing

Reward_email Dave Balter, of BzzAgent (which I have written about before) has written a new book, The Word of Mouth Manual: Volume II.

His book and how he’s promoting it is an embodiment of Word of Mouth itself. As Dave’s site says "Every aspect of it was conceived as an illustration of how to get people talking. There are dozens of elements of WOM in action which will become entirely obvious once you see it, read it and hold it. For example, the title begs people to ask, "Where’s Volume I?" which is as good a way as any to get a dialogue going. The same goes for the monkey on the cover (and how that guy eats bananas, of course)."

You can buy the book on Amazon for $45 or you can download the PDF (full content) version for free.   

Your call.  I went for the free one myself!

Thanks to John Jantsch for asking me to pass this along to you.