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19142337Looking for some reading that will make you pause and go "hmmmm?"  I’ve discovered a treasure trove. 

1)  Check out a spot that Chris Brogan pointed me to —  Manifesto archives.  They’ve got articles on marketing, ROI, escaping corporate America, the upside of a downturn and much more.

This is all part of a non-profit called Change This.  Their goal — to change the way ideas are spread.  Interesting premise…and some great thinking.

They also have a blog where they founders and participants talk about why Change This is so important.

2) Char Polanosky over at Essential Keystrokes is celebrating her blog’s 2nd anniversary.  If you aren’t familiar with Char’s blog — it’s an excellent read.  She covers a wide array of topics from web design to blogging to new media and more.

To celebrate her anniversary, Char is giving away some of her favorite web-based tools, including:

So get over there, get comfy with her blog and win yourself a prize or three!

3) Lewis Green of bizsolutionsplus finds his summertime Fridays a bit of a dead zone.  But leave it to Lewis to come up with a long list of useful ways to fill that time.

Here’s a few of his thoughts:

  • Recommend client’s move forward in new ways.
  • Send out a new thought paper.
  • Read other’s work.
  • Recommend other’s work.

Check out his post to get the whole list and add a few of your own!

Whew!  My brain hurts just writing about all that thought leadership.  Go slow so you don’t get a brain freeze…but don’t miss these great resources.

5 comments on “Oodles of insight

  1. Char says:

    Drew – thanks for all your support and for helping me spread the word about the giveaway!! Have a great week.

  2. Scott says:

    Like a good Marketing Minute reader, I went over to 37 solutions and all of a sudden found out I can’t live without Basecamp.

  3. Char,

    My pleasure. Your blog is an excellent read and I’m happy to remind my readers to go over and check it out!


  4. Lew,

    It’s a great article and a reminder that there’s a season for everything if we’re thinking about it correctly.


  5. Scott,

    We’ve used Basecamp at our agency for a little over a year. Our clients love it, it keeps us on task and it’s very easy to use.

    I highly recommend it.


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