Want a beer with your Wall Street Journal?



Two very nice things happened over the past couple weeks.  This blog was named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the 15 Entrepreneur Blogs Worth reading

Then….as if that wasn’t cool enough, a blogger I have just discovered, Mark Nagurski from Really Practical Marketing wrote about a Marketing Minute post on his blog.  He said, in part, "The more I read from Drew McLellan the more I want to buy him a beer…"

So of course, I commented on his blog, saying that I was printing off his post and if we were ever in the same place (he’s in Ireland) I was totally calling him on the beer offer.  Come on…the man said free beer.

Mark goes one better and finds YouGotBeer.com.  He was literally able to buy me a beer over the internet.  I got an e-mail notice that he had bought me a beer.  I go to the site and choose which restaurant (and there are several) I’d like to get my beer from and voila, they send me a gift card!

Being mentioned in the Wall Street Journal AND a free beer.  It doesn’t get much better!

The other blogs mentioned in the WSJ article are:

The Eco-Capitalist
Get Elastic
Seth Godin
Guy Kawasaki
Malcolm Gladwell
Small Biz Trends
Duct Tape Marketing
Drew’s Marketing Minute
Holly Dunlap
Justine Ezarik
Honest Tea
Craig Newmark
Mark Cuban

9 comments on “Want a beer with your Wall Street Journal?

  1. Karl Staib says:

    Great marketing story. That’s how a person can make a great connection. You will never forget that as long as you live. I’m going to check out the site right now.

  2. Congratulationsw on both mentions. That is supercool.

  3. Karl,

    You’re so right. Making a connection doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money. It has to take intention and sincerity.

    A good lesson for us all.


  4. Scott,

    Thanks! I agree — super cool!


  5. Paul McEnany says:

    Hey drew! Congratulations!

  6. WOW, Drew. What a great honor. Congratulations! And a free beer to boot… will the goodness ever stop?!?

    Keep Cooking!

  7. Congrats, Drew! Go have a beer.

  8. Wow Drew! Congratulations! : )

  9. Thanks to you all. Of course…as you well know, much of this blog’s success is due to the great comments and participation.

    It would be pretty dull if I was here, talking to myself!


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