Business Cards 2.0 (They’re Leo Approved!)

Haven’t you wondered what the archaeologists from 3008 will think when they unearth piles and piles of business cards?  I suspect they’ll think we killed a lot of trees.

Leonardo DiCaprio spends a lot of his time trying to inspire people to save the earth through his eco site.   He would heartily approve of this latest business card option.

Meet the mobile business card.

These cards can be e-mailed, sent via text message or posted on a website or blog.  Thanks to you can create and use them for free.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to
  • Create your free business card
  • Grab the code to post on a website or blog
  • Or…Get the code to embed it into your e-mail signature
  • Or…Send a text to: 555211 (their short code) and in the body of the message, enter any mobile number and they’ll receive a copy of your card*

It was not only easy to create, but it was easy to personalize.  I wasn’t loving any of their backgrounds, so I uploaded a photo of my own and within a couple minutes, had created the above card.

The FAQs on the site say that you can also create fliers and use images, text and hyperlinked content to create a paperless way to promote concerts, bar specials, events, invite buddies to a party, or whatever else your mind can come up with.

What do you think?  How (or would) you use this technology?

*For some reason, Verizon is the only phone company that isn’t playing nice.  I could still send my card…I just got a false error message. When I sent myself my card, Verizon wouldn’t let me click on the link. Apparently, if I had a Treo or Blackberry, it would have.

9 comments on “Business Cards 2.0 (They’re Leo Approved!)

  1. Paul Acosta says:

    Thanks for leading me to this great idea! Can’t wait to use it and see what my associates think!

  2. Eamon says:

    I wonder, though, was the approach:

    1. ‘right, business cards were really popular in the past – no-one is doing them electronically (or at least not making a name for themselves) so we should do it’


    2. ‘there is definetly a gap in the market for this kind of communication. We have done our research / worked out the kind of things that people want but cannot find. And this is the solution (just happens to fit in with the idea of the businesscard).

    Approach 2 can involve, of course, being inspired by the idea of a businesscard, in the first place, but how often can inspiration of something as in an existing model like the business card take over (as opposed to scrutinizing the idea via research and testing).

    If the approach is based on 1 then it could work but it would be more of a fluke than anything else.
    If the approach is based on 2 then the chances of it succeeding are that much greater.

    How often do people use approach 1 over approach 2 in arriving at ideas like this, I wonder?

    Eamon. Account Planner.

  3. Paul,

    Glad to share it. Let me know what your team thinks.


  4. Eamon,

    If you visit their website, there’s more information on how and why they developed this product. I think it was a bit of both #1 and #2!


  5. Don,

    I’m sure you’re not the only one who feels that way. But it sure would come in handy at networking events or trade shows.

    It will be interesting to see what comes of it.


  6. Drew,

    These look great! For those who would rather have something to place into a prospect’s or business associate’s hand, though — without feeling responsible for destroying so many trees — CD and DVD business cards work well, too.


  7. Jeanne,

    Sure…those are good alternatives as well. When I think about the 2.0 business cards, I think about all the times I am caught off guard and don’t have anything me.

    Now, just by getting their cell phone number, I can make sure they really remember who I am!


  8. Drew,

    I think it’s fantastic that we have so many alternatives today! It’s definitely great to know that, even when we haven’t thought to carry our business information with us, we can still get it to our prospects later via their cell phones!


  9. judy says:

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