How do you drive traffic to your website or blog?

19100374 We all want readers.

Bottom line, that’s why businesses and professionals blog or put up a website.  We want to connect.  We want to share.  We want to sell.  And none of that happens without readers.

So I am curious and want to steal your good ideas. 

How do you generate traffic at your blog or site?  Do you have a written plan?  A plan in your head?  Do you have any techniques that make your numbers jump (hits in a day, new subscribers) and how permanent is the leap?

Do you have a few tried and true methods?  Are you always experimenting or do you just chug along, creating good content and letting readers find you over time?

Let’s say creating good content is a given.  What beyond that do you do?

If everyone shares a couple of their methods — we could compile quite a list and really help each other.  So what say you?

Here’s interesting post from Ian at Conversation Marketing about StumbleUpon and how he uses it to earn new readers.  Is that one of your tricks too?