How do you start a conversation?

30450528 Quite a while ago, I celebrated my 1,000th comment.  It was your good fortune that the 1,000th commenter was David Reich.  I invited him, to celebrate the milestone, to write a guest post.

Fast forward to earlier this month and ironically, I was David’s 1000th commenter.  So he kindly returned the favor and extended an invitation to me.

There are lots of blogs out there.  Many of them contain brilliant content.  But very little conversation.  They are a digital lecture.   They don’t invite discussion or opposition.  They just talk. 

I suspect the blogs that actually encourage and nurture conversation are the ones that will be around long after the lecturers have faded away.  So we’ll get to enjoy David’s wisdom and insights for a long time to come.  Why?

David is a gifted conversationalist.  He makes us feel welcome and asks questions that make us think.  And we caught up in the conversation and jump in.  As my post is in celebration of David’s 1,000th comment, it seemed fitting to talk about the art of conversation.

Come on over to David’s blog and let’s talk about how you initiate a conversation with your customers.  Because most businesses are getting it all wrong.