How is your website holding up against search engine optimization?

Picture_1 You can’t attend a marketing conference or talk to anyone about their company’s website without hearing the words "Search Engine Optimization" or SEO.  But the truth is, many business owners or marketing professionals can’t define what SEO is all about, beyond that when done well, it will result in an increase in ranking on Google.

They also don’t have any idea what factors contribute to SEO success or failure.  Well guess what…we don’t have to understand the complex algorithms.  Heck, I’m pretty sure most of the employees of Google don’t understand them!  You just need to know what areas within your site that need some tweaking.

Here’s a free way to see how your site measures up.   Go to HubSpot’s, which will give you useful and detailed information about your site’s SEO power and where you can crank it up even more.