No….I do not want to be President!

Seriously, this is getting out of hand.  You all have to stop this!

I mean it.  I’m way to busy to run the country too!  But thank you, I’m flattered.  Really.

Update:  Happy 4th of July to my stateside readers.  It’s quite a country when literally anyone can be President.  From a marketing perspective — this is the election version of being Elfed. 

6 comments on “No….I do not want to be President!

  1. You’ll have to get in line, Drew. Looks like everyone else is getting in on the act, including me.

    But personally, I just want to be President of Texas. Y’all can HAVE the rest of the country. And good luck with that! 😀

  2. Benjamin,

    It’s a viral marketing gimmick that is flying around the internet. If you want the video to the end, you can click on it to go to the site. You can run for president too!


  3. Robert,

    There are many jobs on my “thanks, but no thanks” list and being President is definitely one of them!

    I’ll concede to you right now!


  4. Write-in?!? Not a bad idea, Drew.

    Very cool!


  5. Andrew,

    Just crazy fun to amuse my parents!


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