Want to point a HUGE spotlight at your blog?

39202341 How would you like to have your blog on center stage?  And it’s a very big stage!

You have your shot this weekend.  Liz Strauss of Successful Blog is hosting a virtual auto show for blogs.  Liz has called all of us to detail and polish up our blogs and join in the show.

Here’s all you have to do:

Write up the following information:

  • Blog Title:
  • Blog URL link:
  • Blog Tagline:
  • A sentence or two about what makes your blog worth reading
  • Some blogging advice or a short bloggy quote that shows your personality

E-mail all of this to Liz with BLOG-TO-SHOW in the subject line.  You have to get this in before Saturday the 26th so hurry!  This is free publicity on a very popular and well traveled blog.  What are you waiting for?