What’s so funny about a font?

You know how we talk about personifying brands?  Well, this brief video brings fonts to life and the results are very funny.  (RSS reader and e-mail subscribers, click on the headline to view)

Thought we all deserved a little marketing humor this weekend!

8 comments on “What’s so funny about a font?

  1. Drew- thanks for sharing. This is perfect! What a great case for visual literacy-can’t wait to share this with educators.

  2. Cale says:

    Haha – great stuff. Thanks for sharing Drew.

  3. Angela,

    Ahh, great idea. And we know how well humor and learning go together. Glad to share it with you.


  4. Cale,

    It cracked me up so it felt perfect for something a little lighter over the weekend!


  5. Laura says:

    Drew this is fantastic! As a SaaS provider historically serving the print industry this could not have found a better audience than my office!

  6. Laura,

    I thought it was hysterical and worthy of passing along. How did your office mates enjoy it?


  7. Laura says:

    oh my goodness, Drew, they loved it! Talk about viral media–it was around our 40 person company in about a half hour. We even had to post it ourselves on our blog for our customers (we’ve been going through some font headaches of late).

  8. Laura,

    Glad it made the rounds and gave everyone a good laugh!


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