Where can you find Drew hiding?

39180629 Every once in awhile, the planets align and I end up showing up all over the place.  I’m not so sure if that’s a good or bad thing.  Either way, I thought you might enjoy some of these posts.

IowaBiz:  Check out my post on brochure do’s and don’t.  For most companies, brochures are a marketing staple.  So let’s do them well, eh?

IowaMoms (and Dads!):  This is my inaugural post that coincides nicely with my post yesterday about being a dad.

Dell/Small Business:  Dell decided to highlight a post I wrote over at Small Business Branding on the importance of saying thanks to your employees.

And of course….keep your eyes peeled right here for more marketing and branding chat.

3 comments on “Where can you find Drew hiding?

  1. Mark True says:

    You’re a little like Chicken Man! “He’s everywhere, he’s everywhere!”


  2. Mark,

    Better Chicken Man than Chicken Little!


  3. Lew,

    Thank you. I do think our greatest case study for potential clients is how we market ourselves.

    I’m sure that’s one of the reasons your clients are drawn to you…they figure if you can do it for your own company, you can do it for theirs!


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