Age of Conversation 2008 cover unveiled!

While Gavin and I are editing away…we thought you might like a sneak peek at this year’s Age of Conversation cover.



Thanks to David Armano for reprising his role as cover designer!

9 comments on “Age of Conversation 2008 cover unveiled!

  1. Daniel says:

    Awesome cover. Can’t wait to see it in print!

  2. ShapingYouth says:

    Drew, could you give us an inkling as to blitz-timing so we can all be ‘at the ready?’

    I’ve told my web guy to prepare to put the widget on the sidebar, but I’m wondering if Adaptive Blue will be giving the new color the once over with the new link and such.

    I’ve started seeding it on a few blogs (even Eco Child’s Play, in my comments today about conversation) but just want to make sure we’re all ramped and ready in support mode. Thanks once again for all you continue to do for AOC, for this effort, for the kids. Best, Amy Jussel

  3. Chris Cree says:

    Yet another good looking cover. Nice job, David!

    I’m looking forward to reading what everyone wrote.

  4. Amy (and all),

    Here’s the part we aren’t sure of. We are not crystal clear on how long it will take from the time we submit the book to:

    A) Get the proof
    B) Check the proof
    C) Edit the proof
    D) Print the final version
    E) have the book ready for purchase

    So…with that in mind, our goal is to have the book to the “printer” for a proof right after Labor Day. We are hoping the book will be ready for sale by the end of September.

    How it actually plays out is a little up in the air.


  5. Great cover. Nice work.

  6. Drew, the cover looks fantastic! Thanks for the update on timing, too. Good luck with all of the last minute details.

  7. dave davison says:

    Drew David Armano’s cover is super – will AOC 2 be released in ebook form as well as in print – I think there is a good potential for leveraqing the collaborators contributions by Networking the book.

    The social network of collaborators you have developed in creating AOC has powerful potential to grow its influence at the meta level “above” the book.

  8. C.B. –

    We’re getting close! Hard to believe we’re already at this point in the process.

    Stay tuned!


  9. Dave,

    We’re still trying to sort out the details of what types of book (hard cover, paperback, e-book) etc. we will be releasing.

    Much of it depends on what options Amazon’s print on demand company offers us.

    Stay tuned, we’ll keep you guys informed!


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