BlogDay 2008 — who gets your nod?

Badge_yellow August 31st, 2008 is the 4th annual BlogDay.  The goal — to get bloggers all over the world to, as the official site says, “on this day every blogger will post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. This way, all blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs.”

While it’s tough to spotlight just five, here’s my tip of the hat to 5 blogs that deserve more attention and accolades than they currently receive.  (I would have cheated and included a sixth blog, Cory Garrison’s Merge Today but Sansone beat me to it!) Let’s see if we can do something about that, eh?

The Rally Flag by Cale Johnson.  I love it when the marketing professionals of tomorrow get it.  If you love Ryan Karpeles or Andy Drish’s passion and smarts, you’ll love Cale’s too!  He may be younger than many of us…but he’s got a lot to teach us.  So go study at the school of Cale!

Laura4Literacy by Laura Hecht.  I’m a sucker for passion and for people fighting to make children’s lives better.  So Laura’s unquenchable drive to help Africa’s children lift themselves out of poverty by giving them the gift of literacy has completely won me over.  She’ll get you in on the vision too.

Zebulun by Mark True.  Mark gets branding and tells a mean story.  You can count on him not to pull any punches or hide behind any weasel words.  His passion around branding and helping organizations not only understand their brand but know what to do with it is well worth a regular read.

An Iowa Mom by Wendy P (not sure if she shares her last name) makes me laugh out loud.  She gives her readers little peeks into the daily interactions with her brood.  As a dad of a 15 year old, the quips of her little ones bring back a flood of wonderful memories.

InsightCubed by Michael Libbie.  If I owned an ag company and needed an agency — this is who I’d call.  Not only do they really know their audience, but they’re smart and jam-packed with integrity.  Even if you’ve never seen a pig up close (join Drew in that line) other than at a fair — you’ll find plenty to read and enjoy at this blog.

I didn’t start out to do this on purpose…but all five of these bloggers are Iowans.  I’m fortunate to know them all personally and it’s with immense respect that I introduce you to them as well.

You’ll enjoy each and every one of them!

An aside:  Does anyone else look at that badge and wonder what the heck 310g is?  A good reminder to think twice about logo designs and look at them with fresh eyes!


9 comments on “BlogDay 2008 — who gets your nod?

  1. Cale says:

    Drew – thanks for the shoutout! I’m flattered to be included on your highlight list.


  2. Laura Hecht says:

    Many thanks for including me in your exclusive list of bloggers. More importantly is my appreciation for your willingness to partner with me in my passion. I look forward to a continued thriving relationship in which children’s lives in Africa are positively affected.
    p.s. Not walkin that dog. You can keep those silly coupons.

  3. Pete Jones says:

    Drew – very interesting, I was previously familiar with Andy Drish but none of the others. Thanks for expanding my horizons.

  4. Drew! Hey, thanks for the nod! And, any time you want to come face to face…or nose to snout with a farm critter…just shout. Or oink… Thanks again!

  5. Cale, Laura and Michael —

    Glad to share your smarts with others. I am hoping they’ll think since I know you, I must be pretty smart too!

    It never hurts to borrow from the esteem of others! 🙂


  6. Pete,

    There’s an amazing array of brilliant bloggers from Iowa. You can meet many of them at the monthly bloganostra meet up at Panera on University. First Friday of every month. 8:15 am or so.


  7. Cory,

    First…I would not give away your nickname for free. I am going to auction it off at the next bloggers breakfast!

    Second…the only reason you didn’t get on my list is because you were already on Mike’s. You are really finding your voice and your path. It’s fun to be a small part of that.


  8. An Iowa Mom says:

    Thanks Drew! I appreciate the nice words. Even though I’ve been a little “off track” with my blog and blog material … things should be back to normal next week. Of course I say that now … who knows what next week will bring. Molly (age 3) just super-glued her fingers together. I guess I better get off the computer and help her.


  9. Wendy,

    Well, it could have been worse. She could have super glued herself to her brother or the dog!

    At least this way — everyone is still mobile!


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