Help a reporter and help yourself

34607811 Peter Shankman is a smart cookie.  He’s created a network of reporters which I’m sure is growing every day.  He’s also creating a mailing list of PR folks, business owners, marketers etc. who would be good sources for those reporters.

Do you see Peter’s brilliance?  He’s a media match maker. 3 times a day, he sends out an e-mail with reporter’s requests.  If you fit the bill, you contact the reporter directly and you or your company may enjoy the glare of the media’s bright lights.

Help Out A Reporter (HARO) only works if people show a bit of self-restraint.  If you really aren’t the perfect fit, then be responsible and don’t waste the reporter’s time. 

Peter has organized his e-mails so we can scan them quickly.  You could easily know if there’s anything for you within 3 minutes. 

The needs range from parents who have faced a certain problem to accountants who can speak to an issue, to insurance questions, relationship stories and health care issues.  There really is a huge range and sooner or later — you will be the right fit. 

By the way — did I mention this was free?