Muzzle that man!

Muzzle By weird happenstance, my posts were popping up all over at the tail of this week.  Rumor has it, the blogosphere is searching high and low for a Drew muzzle.  Until they can catch me and shut me up….I thought you might enjoy these posts.

Bloggers, unlike journalists, are sort of hanging out there on their own, when they write about companies and business practices.  Are they particularly at risk for law suits?  Read about this $20 million dollar suit and see if you’re at risk too.  (at Marketing Profs Daily Fix)

Like it or not, you are a salesperson.  All too often, we ask ourselves the wrong questions when we approach a sale, whether we’re selling an idea to our boss or selling a service to a prospect.  How should you approach a potential sale?  (Small Business Branding)

Just because you can change your name, should you?  FedEx Kinkos is now becoming FedExOffice.  Good idea or bad?  How valuable is name equity and when does it make sense to make a shift?  (

And for fun….vanity plates tell quite a bit about a person’s passions.  If you could have any vanity plate in the world, what would you choose?  Want to see mine?  (

So, if you’re looking for a whole lot of Drew thought, here’s more than any one person could possibly absorb.  Why not join me in conversations all over the web?

P.S.  On a sort of unrelated note…if you ever have to search for a muzzle image…but sure that safe search is on.  Trust me.

Photo courtesy of the Mastiff Breed Supplies.

11 comments on “Muzzle that man!

  1. BIG Kahuna says:

    Good advice. You can’t be sued if it’s true or it’s your opinion. That’s why a lot of times I’m crtitical I say “in my opinion”. Plus our blog has a disclaimer at the bottom since its conception:

    The Brand Identity Guru Inc. Blog and video blog (vlog) is for opinion purposes only. Brand Identity Guru Inc. does not verify the facts and shall not be held responsible for any statements that are made from Brand Identity Guru Inc. that are false. The Brand Identity Guru inc. Blog is for opinions only and Brand Identity Guru Inc. shall not be held liable for any published statements.

    This is also listed under the policies button and within the tagline itself “Life experiences and opinions from branding guru Scott White”.

    Be careful but don’t stop mixing it up.

  2. Scott,

    The disclaimer is a good idea. I might need to add that here.

    I think one of the more important things to note about the lawsuit story is that it doesn’t matter whether or not she ultimately wins.

    It’s really if she can afford the fight.


  3. Pete Jones says:

    The disclaimer is a great idea, and something I hadn’t thought of, Thanks Drew & BIG Kahuna.

  4. CK says:

    First, I LOVE that you have a DAD Plate.

    And, second, I love the warning on the muzzle search. I’m now going to go search on it anyhow.

  5. CK says:

    First, I LOVE that you have a DAD Plate.

    And, second, I love the warning on the muzzle search. I’m now going to go search on it anyhow.

  6. CK says:

    First, I LOVE that you have a DAD Plate.

    And, second, I love the warning on the muzzle search. I’m now going to go search on it anyhow.

  7. CK,

    Yeah, I love it too. I’ve had it ever since Kelsey was a toddler.

    I am exploring the disclaimer stuff too. It only makes sense. Sad we have to do it…but smart to get it done.


  8. Liz Walker says:

    We are pretty sure being all over the web is a powerful way to
    build our community of Duct Tape Marketing believers. So while
    you are sharing cool ideas with us we are not going to look for
    that muzzle. Of course it’s easy to subvert the blogosphere
    …but we already knew that…

  9. Liz,

    Thank you very much…glad to keep sharing. As you know, being a part of the Duct Tape Marketing team — adding value is one of the key behaviors we should all weave into our marketing activities.

    Hmm, subversion….


  10. Ann Handley says:

    First, I love the plate. The vanity plate I always wanted was, “WHAT” …because all day, someone always is calling my name.. lol! It’s not nearly as heartfelt as yours, but there you go.

    Second, I had to laugh at the muzzle warning (like CK). You’re right — sad that it’s necessary. But nonetheless, I can only imagine….

  11. Ann,

    As we both have teens/pre-teens — maybe we should change both our plates to a photo of a wallet or ATM machine. 🙂


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