Steve Farber’s new book comes packed with a challenge

When people ask me about the benefits of blogging, I can recite quite a list.  But one of the top items on that list is the amazing people I can now call my friends, thanks to meeting them via the blogosphere.

I loved Steve Farber’s books long before we became friends.  At MMG, we give his books as gifts.  We practice his LEAP philosophy at the office and I strive every day to be an extreme leader. 

So, I’m elated that book #3, Greater Than Yourself, has a launch date.  (March 3, 2009 but you can already pre-order a copy.)  I remember talking to Steve about this book at SOBCon ’07 and knowing that it was going to take his writing to a completely different level.  And by default, give us the opportunity to take ourselves to a completely different level along with him.  (check out this sneak peek of the book)

Here’s a little video clip of Steve talking about the core premise of his book and even more important — his challenge to us.

Steve’s other books (which I HIGHLY recommend)

Radical Leap
Radical Edge

I’m curious — have you read Steve’s books?  Did they have impact?  Make you see something in a new way?  Change a behavior?

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6 comments on “Steve Farber’s new book comes packed with a challenge

  1. andy nulman says:


    Two things about this.

    1) Never heard of this guy before this blog post, and now, with three books on order from him, I am glad I have. Very helpful, great message. He owes you one!

    2) I hope and pray you’ll do the same for me when my Pow! book comes out next year.

    AOC2, baby!


  2. Andy,

    I promise….you will be very glad you ordered Steve’s books and I’ll bet money that you end up passing them to others to read.

    They’re definitely on my top 10 business books of all time list. While there are business parables a plenty, no one does it quite like Steve.

  3. Steve Farber says:

    Well, Andy, you’re right. I do owe Drew one. Or two. Okay, a whole lot more than that. I hope you enjoy the books. Unfortunately, though, you will have to wait another 7 months before Greater Than Yourself is published. So I wouldn’t recommend checking your mailbox too aggressively for that one. In the meantime, please let me know what you think of the others…

  4. Andy Nulman says:

    Okay Steve, while it’s wonky to communicate with you via Drew’s blog, I figure that until I get your email, or give you mine (, this is the best way. Read The Radical Leap on the plane home yesterday and loved it. Dug the format and the message. In fact, I thought it would fit perfectly with a project my company is doing with Verizon Wireless. If you can reach out to me at the email above, I can give you more info. And now, onto “The Radical Edge”! Thanks again, Drew!


  5. Thanks for the clip, Drew and Steve. I’ve been a Farber fan since Tim Johnson pointed me in his direction last year. The focus of my blog is the direct result of Steve’s books. I recommend them highly to anyone looking for focus.

  6. Erik,

    Steve’s books are all in my top ten “best business books ever” list. I think his message is spot on…but he also tells the story in a different, edgier way.

    Like you, I recommend them every chance I get.


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