Welcome back Joanna!

Confident_writer_are_you_125 Do you consider yourself a writer?  Either because it’s a part of your very being or maybe just because your job demands it of you?

In either case (or anywhere in between) if you haven’t discovered Joanna Young‘s blog, Confident Writing, you should.  Joanna writes about the power of the written word and how to best capture and use that power to serve your purposes.

Her posts are usually both practical and thought-provoking, which for a writer is the perfect one-two punch.

One of Joanna’s gifts is her ability to teach through word pictures.  One of my favorite of her posts talks about how we need to consider the container we’re using to hold our words. I promise, it’s an analogy that will stick with you for awhile.

Joanna’s been on a "technologically induced" break for the past week or so.  While silence can often be a very potent communications tool — we’re all glad she’s back and the silence is broken.

8 comments on “Welcome back Joanna!

  1. Brad Shorr says:

    Drew, Thanks for jumping in. I think Joanna has been very pleasantly surprised today.

  2. Joanna Young says:

    Drew, what can I say! Thanks so much, and yes, Brad is right, I have been extremely (pleasantly) surprised today.

    I liked that analogy too – I often ask myself if I’m pouring a glass of red wine, or a long cool pitcher of water, or just a quick whisky shot!


  3. Hi Drew, Joanna, certainly inspires new writing power in us. I wasn’t aware of the post on “how we need to consider the container we’re using to hold our words.” I’ll have to check that one out.

    I learn so much from you and Joanna both!

  4. I second that, Drew! It’s great to have Joanna back!


  5. Brad,

    That was our goal! Glad we accomplished it.


  6. Joanna,

    It’s really a very smart and tangible way to help writers get a handle on both the word count and the tone they’re going for.

    Welcome back.


  7. Robyn,

    Joanna’s gift, if I may be bold enough to suggest, is her ability to write in a way that we can hear her effortlessly.

    That’s no small feat.


  8. Jeanne,

    Hear, hear on that!


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