Where should you spend your marketing budget in ’09?

19143945 I will write more about this in the weeks ahead, but for now, I want you to think about this blend of truths:

  • It sure feels like we’re in a recession, even if we aren’t calling it that
  • Retaining the customers you already have becomes a key strategy in these economic times
  • Branding becomes even more critical as companies fight to retain the business they have
  • Odds are, you are not the employee who delivers (or not) on that brand promise
  • Word of Mouth/Buzz plays a larger role in consumer choice both as money gets tight and as consumers get weary of traditional push media

So add all of those up….and answer the question — where should you concentrate a good chunk of your marketing budget for ’09?

Stumped?  Come on over to Efrain Mendicuti’s blog The Daily Stuff and the Not So and check out my guest post on where I think you should be allocating marketing dollars next year.

4 comments on “Where should you spend your marketing budget in ’09?

  1. Karin H. says:

    Hi Drew

    “Retaining the customers you already have becomes a key strategy in these economic times”

    Coincidently I just published (only yesterday) a tip on how to stay in contact effectively with your existing clients (a group of people forgotten by many businesses after they spend so much time – and money? – on getting them in the first place.

    See here for the whole article:

    Karin H. (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

  2. John Rosen says:


    This seems to be a big topic right now. I, too, did a post on this a couple of days ago…and included a link back to your blog.

    How are you? Consumed with completing the AOC #2?


  3. Karin,

    I think you are a great example of someone who has really focused on continuing to add value/nurture the relationship.

    Your post is right on the money!


  4. John,

    You and I know it should be a big topic every day. But much like alternative sources of energy should be a big topic every day, we sure talk about it a lot more when we are paying $4/gallon for gas!

    AOC2 is getting ready to be sent to the printers for a proof. We’re getting close!


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