Hey ye sea dog, how many flags are ye hoistin’?

Blackbeardeede (Note to my readers.  No, I have not gone off the deep end.  September 19th is blog like a pirate day and who’d want to miss out on that??)

Aft in th’ tide, buccanneers banded together in crews an’ sailed th’ seas, lookin’ fer places t’ plunder an’ pillage. Each crew tookst great pride in the’r ability t’ secure bounty. They be like a tight-knit family, workin’ an’ playin’ together. They boasted o’ battles won an’ lasses wooed. Piratin’ be a team sport an’ ye wore yer team`s colors wi’ honor. T’ tell th’ world jus’ who be approachin’, each crew hoisted a unique jolly roger on the’r vessel, typically adorned wi’ symbols that told a tale o’ the’r captain.

Th’ jolly rogers be defended, often times wi’ th’ sea dogs` lives. They be that important a symbol. They told th’ crew`s distinct tale.

How about ye? Do ye hoist a single jolly roger that tells o’ yer unique tale or do ye spend half yer time, hoistin’ an’ changin’ jolly rogers, dependin’ on who ye be talkin’ t’ or what yer scurvy dog competitors be doin’?

If ye dasn’t hoist a jolly roger at all — what tale would ye want yer jolly roger t’ tell, if ye could only be havin’ th’ one? What symbols would ye include so that yer tale would be remembered an’ re-told by them who saw ‘t?

Can ye imagine th’ pride ye might create in yer own crew, if ye gave them a powerful tale an’ a symbolic jolly roger t’ wave an’ raise?

Maybe ye canna wave a jolly roger at yer place o’ business. But what could ye hoist t’ be a constant reminder o’ what ye an’ yer crew would swashbuckle t’ th’ Davy Jones’ locker t’ defend?

If ye dasn’t give yer crew an’ yer customers somethin’ t’ b’lieve in an’ defend, why ortin’ ta they keep comin’ aft?

The flag is Blackbeard’s.  To read more about pirate flags and all things pirate…check this out.

7 comments on “Hey ye sea dog, how many flags are ye hoistin’?

  1. The Kaiser says:

    Very nice. This is was the internet was invented for and receives my fullest of approval.

  2. Ryan Erisman says:

    Great effort ye’ ‘ol swashbuckler!

  3. Janine says:

    This was just too annoying to take the time to read.

  4. Hey,

    When you toss down the gauntlet of a challenge — I am on it! It was fun to do. And somehow try to get a good branding message packed into the pirate lingo!


  5. Kaiser,

    Lofty praise for you indeed. I will treasure it.


  6. Ryan,

    Thank ye, ye ol’ scallywag!


  7. Janine,

    Sorry that the spirit of the day didn’t float your boat. The good news is — it’s only once a year.

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.


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