Need to boost sales?

63299921 I hope you’ll forgive me because on the surface this seems incredibly obvious.  But I’ve found that the more obvious something is, often times the more often we ignore it completely.

Are you frustrated with your sales results?  Feeling dazed from repeatedly running into the same brick wall over and over? 

What are you measuring?

1)  Are you creating a daily sales plan?  Do you know who you’re going to call/contact when you walk in the door in the morning?  My good friend Cory Garrison says if not, you might as well head back to the coffee shop for another cup.

2)  Are you taking the time to only pursue those potential customers who would be a perfect (or near perfect) fit with your company?

3)  Are you setting and posting in a very public way, your sales goals for the month?  I have to say, I resisted this one for years.  It felt money-centric and somehow I had it in my head that it was incongruent with our client-centric focus. But the minute we defined specific sales numbers by month, we paid more attention, sped up our internal billing process and increased our average month’s revenue.  All because we paid attention.

What’s that expression?  You get what you measure.

  • Are you measuring your sales every day via a daily plan
  • Are you measuring who/what the perfect customer is for you and carefully aiming for them?
  • Are you measuring monthly sales goals?

How did measuring what matters to you change your sales cycle?