Sports sponsorships have gotten completely out of hand

80841378 Or…the other title I played with….You sponsored WHAT?

I was running some errands on Saturday, so I had the radio on.  Several college football games were about to start.   Then, it began.

The most absurd sports sponsorships I have ever heard.  One right on top of the other.  No category exclusivity.  One local/regional bank after the other.  Practically stacked up like cord wood the announcers were spitting them out so fast.

"The Turf Report brought to you by XYZ Bank.  Boy, the grounds crew did a great job even though we had rain last night.  The grass is green and ready to go.  Thanks to Bank XYZ for bringing us this important information."

"The Wind Report is brought to you by ABC Bank.  The wind is coming in from the north east at about 10 miles an hour, Biff.  That’s going to have absolutely no effect on the kicking game.  This Wind Report brought to you by ABC Bank."

"The Ingrown Toe Nail Count is sponsored by GHI Bank today.  The Hawkeyes are sporting 23 ingrown toenails all total, Hank.  The Black Bears are really in toe trouble.  They’re carrying 46 ingrown nails into the game.  Thanks to GHI Bank for the latest."

Seriously people….stop it. 

I don’t care how crazy your town or state is for a sports team. (Even those fanatics in Nebraska!)  And I don’t care how cheap the sponsorship is.  It is a complete and utter waste of money.  Being one of 20+ sponsors in a pre-game show is ridiculous.  (Yes…I made up the toenail one, but the other two are legit — heard them myself!)

Unless you can be a big fish, a sponsorship is not marketing, it’s a charitable donation.   The only one who wins is your radio rep who made the commission.  I assure you — the listeners cannot remember you or any of the other 19 sponsors.

Stop sponsoring grass.  Stop sponsoring the wind.  And if anyone offers it to you, say no to ingrown toenails.