Who’d have thunk it?

Brilliante Many humble thanks to Caroline Melberg’s kind words as she nominated me for The Brillante Weblog Award.  award.

With proud heart and in the spirit of tradition I’d like to honor the following bloggers with the Brillante Weblog Award:

David Reich/My 2 cents:  David’s blog posts are point on. What I value about David’s perspective is that he came to social media kicking and screaming a bit.  So he looks at all the hub bub (traditional and social media) with the slightly jaded eye of a guy who has been around the block.  He’s thoughtful before he jumps on anyone’s bandwagon and we get to go along for the cerebral ride as he weighs marketing, PR and media today.

Anna Farmery/Engaging Brand:  Anna’s blog is all about employer branding and how that can change the course of a company.  What Anna’s most famous for is her superb podcasts.  They’re among the best out there.  She draws remarkable guests and her thorough prep means she always gets the goods.  You’ll listen to most of them more than once! And…she’s British so she has a great accent.  She even writes with an accent!  Love that!

Steve Harper/The Ripple Effect:  Steve’s blog and mantra is all about "Maximizing the Power of Relationships for  Your Life and Business" and with every post, he gets us thinking about how we might add even more value and build and support the relationships that mean the most to us.  He reminds us of the business applications of relationship building without ever forgetting there’s a human being at the other end.

If you want to think big….check out these excellent blogs!  They’ll make you tres brillante!

4 comments on “Who’d have thunk it?

  1. David Reich says:

    Wow, thanks for the kind words Drew. I hope I can remain worthy of them.

  2. David,

    You always have!


  3. Anna Farmery says:

    Shucks Drew….but the paypal transfer is on its way 🙂 I now have to carry on the tradition, don’t you think it is getting harder….so many great bloggers out there. I will have to give this SERIOUS thought.
    I am still trying to get CK on the podcast…now that would be a great natter don’t you think, but she is one busy lady.
    Thanks Drew for your kind words….

  4. Anna,

    Yes…I think the wealth of good bloggers makes it really a challenge. But a challenge of plenty — so I suppose we should be glad about that.

    CK will make an excellent interview. Can’t wait for that one!


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